Our daycare programme accepts the following age groups:

  • Infants (2-12 months)
  • Toddlers (1-2 years)
  • Nursery (2-4 years)

In CISC’s daycare centre, teachers focus on the physical, mental and socio-emotional development of the children. In order to have a greater understanding, teachers in the centre incorporate a relationship with each child to cater to their needs while nurturing them to develop a higher set of values. This type of teaching with a caring relationship will improve a student’s moral and incidental learning.

Free Trial
A one-week trial is offered free of charge for any children aged 9 months to 5 years old. Contact our office for more information.

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Preschool helps young children achieve school readiness and acquire needed learning skills. Cambridge International School of Cambodia offers a preschool program for children 2 to 5 years old. 

Our Preschool Curriculum is based on PBEM (Project Based Ecological Model). In this curriculum, the students are given developmentally appropriate materials to work on that caters to the different areas of development such as Math, Language, Sensorial and Fine Motor. Students are given a specific theme/ topic every term. The teachers facilitate learning by engaging them to a wide range of experiential activities. This kind of learning is extended beyond the classroom.

CISC offers preschool programmes for the following grade levels:
         • Nursery 1 (2 – 3 years old)
         • Nursery 2 (3 – 4 years old)
         • Kindergarten 1 (4 – 5 years old)
         • Kindergarten 2 (5 – 6 years old)

         • Full English Curriculum (Nursery 1 & 2)
         • Trilingual Literacy (English, Khmer & Chinese) 
           for Kindergarten 1 & 2
         • Numeracy
         • Literacy & Phonics
         • Science & Discovery
         • Music & Movements
         • Kinesthetic Development
         • Arts & Crafts

A one-week free trial is offered FREE OF CHARGE for children ages 2 to 5 years old. Contact our admin office for more information.

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Primary school students experience a broad range of tasks that help them to develop important skills. It includes all areas of early learning, such as reading, writing and numbers, as well as sports and other activities. Cambridge International School of Cambodia provides children with subject, personal, and international learning goals carefully defined for each age group.

Our Primary Curriculum is based on the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). IPC goals cover the knowledge, skills and understanding children relating to the subjects they are learning. There are learning goals for Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, ICT & Computing, Technology, History, Geography, Music, Physical Education, Art and Society.

CISC offers primary school programmes for the following grade levels:
         • Primary 1 (6 – 7 years old)
         • Primary 2 (7 – 8 years old)
         • Primary 3 (8 – 9 years old)
         • Primary 4 (9 – 10 years old)
         • Primary 5 (10 – 11 years old)
         • Primary 6 (11 – 12 years old)
         • English Language Proficiency
         • Mathematics
         • Science
         • Information & Communication Technology (ICT)
         • Music
         • Arts
         • Physical Fitness
         • Chinese Class
         • Khmer  Curriculum is recognized by
           Ministry of Education Youth and Sport

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Secondary school students are trained to enhance their critical thinking skill and ability to become global citizens who embrace their own culture and national identity. Cambridge International School of Cambodia outlines the knowledge, skills and understanding needed by adolescent learners across all subjects as well as developing positive personal dispositions and becoming more internationally minded.

The Secondary Curriculum is built upon the latest research on curriculum design, ensuring the alignment of learning outcomes, instructions, and assessments. Within the scope of this curriculum, students not only obtain knowledge but also experience a broad range of tasks that help them to develop important skills. The General Secondary Curriculum has established qualifications that keep pace with educational developments and trends that becomes an ideal foundation for higher level courses. It helps improve performance by developing skills in creative thinking, enquiry and problem solving.

CISC offers secondary school programmes for the following grade levels:
Lower Secondary School
         • Grade 7 (12 – 13 years old)
         • Grade 8 (13 – 14 years old)
         • Grade 9 (14 – 15 years old)

Upper Secondary School
        • Grade 10 (15 – 16 years old)
        • Grade 11 (16 – 17 years old)
        • Grade 12 (17 – 18 years old)

        • English Language Proficiency
                  English Literature              
        • Mathematics
        • General Science
        • Biology
        • Chemistry
        • Physics
        • History
        • Geography
        • Information & Communication Technology (ICT)
        • Home Economics
        • Moral Civic Education
        • Arts
        • Physical Fitness
        • Chinese Class
        • Khmer Literature

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Our extracurricular activities and courses are available on the weekends and during summer break in June and July.

Our extracurricular programmes include:
STEM: My Robot Time
         • Piano & Guitar
         • Arts: Painting & Drawing
         • Basketball
         • Chinese Enrichment Classes
         • English and Mathematics Enrichment Classes
         • Finance and Leadership
         • In-country Camping
         • Overseas Camping

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Children who benefit from quality early childhood education programs are better prepared for primary school and will reach better education outcomes. Cambridge International School of Cambodia Preschool program has introduced the global education influence in their curriculum to provide the best experience and nurturing environment to your child.


Cambridge International School of Cambodia had a spectacular Chinese New Year Celebration. Here are some of the highlights of our talented students with such wonderful performances.

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With so many food choices available today, it is important for children to continue good eating habits at a young age. Learning the right foods to eat towards a lifetime of healthy living choices. There are many fun ways to teach our preschool students about the importance of fruits, vegetables, and healthy eating.

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Primary 2 student planting lesson! Through these activities, students have gained the value of plants and learned how plants grow from seeds to provide us with fresh vegetables. From now they will measure and observe the growth of their seedlings.

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Working Together