The Cafeteria

School cafeterias can be a great place for students to learn healthy eating habits and make good food choices. Here are some ways schools can provide healthy and tasty options for students:

1. Offer a variety of fruits and vegetables: Schools can provide a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables at every meal. This ensures that students are getting the necessary nutrients they need to stay healthy and active.

2. Provide healthier versions of favorite foods: Instead of serving fried chicken and French fries, schools can offer grilled chicken or baked potatoes. These alternatives are just as tasty and much healthier.

3. Create a salad bar: Create a salad bar that allows students to customize their salads with a variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins. This way, students can experiment with different combinations and find something they enjoy.

4. Avoid processed foods and unhealthy snacks: Instead of serving processed foods and unhealthy snacks, schools can offer students whole-grain options, like wheat bread, oatmeal, and brown rice.


5. Provide nutritional information: Displaying nutritional information on food items can help students make informed decisions about what they are eating. This information can include calorie and nutrient content along with allergen warnings.

By providing healthy and tasty options, schools can help students develop lifelong habits of eating healthy and making good food choices.