Primary school students experience a broad range of tasks that help them to develop important skills. It includes all areas of early learning, such as reading, writing and numbers, as well as sports and other activities. Cambridge International School of Cambodia provides children with subject, personal, and international learning goals carefully defined for each age group.

Our Primary Curriculum is based on the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). IPC goals cover the knowledge, skills and understanding children relating to the subjects they are learning. There are learning goals for Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, ICT & Computing, Technology, History, Geography, Music, Physical Education, Art and Society.

CISC offers primary school programmes for the following grade levels:
         • Primary 1 (6 – 7 years old)
         • Primary 2 (7 – 8 years old)
         • Primary 3 (8 – 9 years old)
         • Primary 4 (9 – 10 years old)
         • Primary 5 (10 – 11 years old)
         • Primary 6 (11 – 12 years old)
         • English Language Proficiency
         • Mathematics
         • Science
         • Information & Communication Technology (ICT)
         • Music
         • Arts
         • Physical Fitness
         • Chinese Class
         • Khmer  Curriculum is recognized by
           Ministry of Education Youth and Sport

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